Prepare DEV website (with a database)

# 4 > Step 4

After saving the user, click the "Log In" to access phpMyAdmin

# 7 > Step 6b

If there are tables within the database, scroll down, click "Check All" then select "Drop" from the dropdown next to the link.

# 8 > Step 6c

Click Yes on the next page then click Import on the next page (see screenshot from step 6)

# 9 > Step 7

Click "Choose File" to select the SQL database file you would like to upload

# 11 > Step 9

Open your FTP client (e.g. "Filezilla") and enter your FTP information. Then select all your local site files and drag them into your online dev folder.

# 12 > Step 10

Once the transfer has finished, so back into your control panel and click "File Manager"

# 13 > Step 11

Locate the database.php file within your files (e.g. Click database.php to edit the file.

# 14 > Step 12

Replace the login, password information with your database user login and password. Then change the database name to match your new database's name.

Other Instructions

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