Windows 10 - Install PHPStorm

Instructions how to install PHPstorm on windows 10

# 3 > Run

Navigate to your downloads directory and Run the installation file: PhpStorm-201x.x.x.ext
-> If you are on chrome you can click the file from the bottom of the screen

# 6 > Choose PATH

You can accept the default location for PHPstorm
-> click next

# 7 > Config

Checkbox which files you want PHP storm to open by default:
-> we suggest: .php, .js, .css, .html

If you do NOT already have java (jre) installed checkbox: "download and install JRE x86 by JetBrains"

# 10 > Complete

Installation of PHPstorm is now complete !
-> Checkbox 'Run PhpStorm'
-> Click 'Finish'

# 11 > Import previous settings

If you had a previous installation you can re-import your setting here
-> If not: click 'Do not import settings'  and click 'Ok'

# 13 > Login / Evaluate

If you already have a JetBrains acount
-> Enter your username / password 

If you want to evaluate for 30 days
-> Click 'Evaluate for free'
-> at the bottom click 'Evaluate'

# 14 > Accept

To evaluate PHPstorm
-> You need to Accept the license agreement

# 15 > Layout

The first time you need to choose your layout
-> you can accept the default

# 17 > CakePHP file types

To ensure all CakePHP file types are associated with PHP files

-> Navigate to settings (File - Settings)
-> Navigate to Editor - File Types
-> Click the + on the right
-> Add: *.ctp
-> Click 'Ok'

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