Going Live

Learn how to create a testing version of your site and later make them live 

# 1 > Delete old testing
Delete testing directory files (if there are any)

# 3 > Delete old testing

Go to updatecase and make changes to your site. After clicking "Mark Live", click "Test" in the top right to apply changes to Testing

# 5 > Moving Live files

Select all the files within the live site directory then click "Move selected" button

# 6 > Creating a backup folder

Navigate to your "backups" directory and create a folder. Naming it the current date (e.g. 2015-05-05) will allow you to find it more easily if something goes wrong.

# 7 > Moving to backup

Go into the newly created folder and click the "Select" button (this will move the current live website files into this backup directory)

# 8 > Move Testing
Select all the files in Testing, click "Move selected"

# 9 > Last step

Navigate to the live directory and click "Select" button to move Testing files to Live

Other Instructions

Below are many other instructions that show you how to use your UpdateCase application