Export content to be translated

UpdateCase features a module to export all content into a CSV spreadsheet file
-> This allows a translator to add all the translations into the CSV spreadsheet. 
-> It can then be automatically imported later without manually adjusting all text one by one.

# 1 > Complete english

When you have finalized the english content on the website:
-> When on the View all pages view
-> Click 'Menu' => 'Export'

# 2 > Downloads

The file will download to your downloads folder
-> Open this in your favourite spreadsheet program. 

# 3 > Translate

Import the CSV spreadsheet into your favourite spreadsheet program
-> Add all the french translation in the 'fr-ca' box on each line

# 4 > Import

When the translations have been completed
-> Return the translations to support and they will be able to import this into the system for you. 

Other Instructions

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