Change destination EMAIL address

After launch your forms will be setup to be sent to a specific email address (or many emails)
-> These emails can be changed by yourself using UpdateCase APP

# 2 > Contact PAGE

After this module has been installed you will find a location 
-> Form
On the Contact page of your website
-> Click the location 'Form'

# 3 > Element

You will now see a 'element' called 'emails'
-> Click 'edit' so you can change

# 4 > Edit

Click 'Edit live content'
-> You will now see the emails separated by commas

Simply enter the new emails in this box
-> ENSURE you separate each E-MAIL address with a comma

When you are done click 'Save and Approve & PUSH'

# 5 > Updated

In the previous screen if you got a SUCCESS (green bar) you know your website was updated
-> The next time a visitor enters intormation into the form on your website it will now be sent to the new emails you added

NOTE: Ensure you run a test to ensure the change you made was successful and did not cause any issues preventing the email from going out. 

Other Instructions

Below are many other instructions that show you how to use your UpdateCase application