How to update content without HTML experience

This shows you how to update your website without any HTML experience.

# 1 > Modify text on your website
How to easily add a paragraph of text using

# 2 > Go to
Open in your browser and click LOGIN

# 3 > Login

Enter your email / password you were assigned
OR contact

# 5 > Choose a site
Click 'Manage Site' for the website you want to modify

# 6 > OPTIONAL: Variants

Click on the variant you want to modify - A variant allows to manage multiple variations of your website (e.g. Fall, Spring)

# 7 > Choose PAGE
Click 'View Page' to choose the page you want to modify.

# 8 > Locations

Choose the location ( i.e. Left or Right) you want to modify, and click

# 9 > Elements
Choose the element of the location (i.e title, image, text) you want to modify and click 'Edit.'

# 10 > Revisions
Choose the revision (UPDATE LIVE CONTENT / Green bar or CONTINUE EDITING / red bar) to modify, and click.

# 11 > Modify text
Place the cursor where you want to modify the text, and click SAVE.

# 12 > Mark LIVE

Choose MARK LIVE (red bar) and then PUSH (green button upper right) to make the changes visible on the website, and click.
Note: you can choose TEST (orange button) to make the changes visible on the testing website, and click.

# 13 > Changes are LIVE
You can now view your changes on the LIVE (or TEST) website.

Other Instructions

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