Install Docker to view your websites on your local computer

# 2 > Start Docker
-> Ensure you do NOT have mamp running (the ports will interfere)
-> Right click on ‘’  -> click 'Run'  to start docker

# 3 > ready to run localhost

-> Ensure Process finished with exit code 0 (Should not be 1)
-> now you can view the project at ’http://localhost'

# 4 > INSTALL: Open Project in Phpstom

Open the project that does NOT have the docker yet

# 5 > INSTALL: Open terminal and export Docker

-> Open the terminal built into phpstorm
-> type 'svn export docker'
    This will export docker folder from _template project
-> Now the Docker folder is created 

# 6 > INSTALL: Add to SVN/GIT

->Right Click Docker -> Select Subversion ->Click Add to VCS

# 7 > INSTALL: DB section

If you want to import a database, open the ’docker-compose.yml'  file and uncomment the DB section
If you want to import SQL file place it into 'sql' folder


-> Right click -> click '' (to stop all docker running containers)

Other Instructions

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