Get access token for Instagram

# 1 > Login to Instagram

Navigate to

# 5 > Provide info

fill in client information to register
-> providing,   Application name, description,company name, website url etc...

# 6 > Manage Client Entry Success

After successful registration,
you will see the client info provided

# 7 > Manage Client with Application Name

After successful completion
->Get client id, etc.

# 8 > postman- get code

In Postman, select 'params' -> add the values for 'client_id' and 'redirect_uri'

# 10 > Instagram - Authorize

paste the link to address bar and Click 'Authorize'

# 11 > Logon with Instagram code number

->go to your website and add the code number on the addressbar the code number here

# 12 > Postman get access token

In Postman-> Providing all the info-> get the access token

# 14 > add access token in bootstrap

Go to bootstrap.php-> add the token 

# 15 > Read the token

In the script file, read the token from bootstrap

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