Files that are downloaded from your website

UpdateCase features a way to add files (eg PDF's) which can be downloaded by your public visitors. 


# 1 > Navigate to page

Navigate to the specific page which has the file to be downloaded

Click on the location for your site
-> Book Excerpts are stored as '3-left'

After you have clicked on the location:
-> If you do NOT see an element 'excerpt' (Click 'create an element')

Otherwise skip ahead to the step '# 3 > Upload'

# 2 > Create (first time only)

Fill in the name: excerpt
-> NOTE ensure it is all small text NO capitals

Change 'Element Field Type'
-> to File

click 'Submit'

# 3 > Upload

You are now ready to upload your new FILE
-> Click 'Choose file' 
-> This will open a popup to file the file on your computer
-> After you have selected the file on your computer click 'Choose'
-> Then click 'Save and approve'

The file will now upload

# 4 > Uploaded

You now see confirmation that you have uploaded your file
-> If you want to test you can click 'Download' to test

Click PUSH to update your LIVE website.

Other Instructions

Below are many other instructions that show you how to use your UpdateCase application