Duplicate a site / variant

A great feature about UpdateCase, is after you create one website it can be duplicated so you can change the content but keep all the work that was completed on the original website
-> This allows to launch many websites from one template
-> They are all unique and have all their own website files

# 1 > View Sites

UpdateCase structure:
-> Websites have Variants: Meaning you can create a NEW version without affecting the current version
-> Navigate to your 'Sites'
-> You now see all the websites that are on your account
-> Click 'variants' on the website you want to duplicate

# 2 > Duplicate Variant

You are now viewing all the variants for the website
-> Click 'duplicate' 

# 3 > Enter new info

Fill in the info for the new variant
-> If this is simply replacing an OLD variant you can leave the same since it will update the same website

If you are creating a NEW website then you should change all the info that relates to the NEW website
-> Name: this is an internal name that you will use to distinguish your variant
-> Version: use v3 - unless you are working on a legacy website
-> Variant status: you can choose that status of this variant
-> Connectivity: fill in the URLs to the new variant / website

# 4 > Added

You now have 2 variants
-> The new variant is EMPTY meaning no content from the old site has been added yet
-> Click 'Import_*' (on the NEW variant) to pull in all the content from the OLD variant

# 5 > Success

Your new Variant (which was empty) NOW has all the same content as the old variant


If you want to move your new variant to a NEW website
-> Click Menu
-> Click WebsitesSites
-> Click 'Add a site' (top right)

# 7 > Add

Fill in the name of your new website
-> check box 'active'
-> click 'submit'

Your new EMPTY website has been created

# 8 > Move variant

Now that you have a NEW website, you can move the variant you created previously 
-> Click 'variant' on the website you are duplicating
-> Click edit on the NEW variant

# 9 > Move

Click the dropdown
-> and choose the NEW website you created
-> click 'Submit'
-> Your variant is now moved to the NEW website that was created

You can now starting modifiying the website

Other Instructions

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